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“You don’t have to be wealthy to have a wealth advisor. You just have to want help getting there.” – Sam Crump, Founding Partner

At Telos, we’re reimagining wealth planning to put you first. Our belief is that money should never stand in the way of your happiness, and our goal is to create a financial plan that can help you fulfill your true telos.

Financial Security

Planning for Your Todays and Tomorrows

Our first step is taking time to understand you – your personal situation, goals and how money fits into your view of happiness. We then design and execute a tailored strategy for achieving a level of financial security that can deliver joy on your terms.

You can be as involved in the process or as hands-off as you choose. Either way, we work hard to achieve peak performance on your behalf – and we’re always available to discuss what’s on your mind and in your portfolio.

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Reach Your Goals

Telos Areas of Expertise

Our financial advisory focus includes but is not limited to these areas of expertise to help you at every stage of life.

Ever feel like you need a financial behavioral coach to help you avoid costly mistakes? Maybe you want advice about eliminating debt, investing in a new home or purchasing cryptocurrencies. We offer these services and more to get you started on the right financial path. For instance, the planning area known as portfolio management ensures that the allocation and location of your assets are working together to achieve your goals. Cash flow and budget optimization covers expense tracking, debt repayment, savings strategies and budget maintenance.

Contact Telos. We look forward to building a relationship with you that will lead to the building of your assets – and your dreams.

Your financial plan is a road map for what you want to achieve in the short- and long-term. A good plan helps you manage risk, determine cash flow, plan taxes, structure executive and employee benefits, prioritize expenditures, invigorate growth, stay on top of trends, and enhance relationships with investors and bankers. Telos provides smart strategies to assist you with all of this. And when the time comes, we’ll help you realize the benefits of your hard work by providing insights for selling or succession planning.

Contact Telos. As business owners ourselves, we understand the challenges you face – and provide strategies to help you successfully overcome them.

Telos handles the complex needs of family finances with simplicity and transparency. We provide strategies for funding education, planning the long-term care of a family member with special needs, establishing a trust or estate plan, creating a giving plan, assisting with the multigenerational education and transfer of wealth, coordinating communications with your legal and tax advisors and more. These are all important ways Telos works to ensure the financial security of you and your family for years to come.

Contact Telos. You’ve spent a lifetime building your legacy. We’ll help you make the most of it with thoughtful advisory, insightful planning and cost-effective management.

We know that financial goals and dreams aren’t unique to women. But some of the challenges you face are. Perhaps you’ve had to take a career hiatus to care for a growing family or aging parents. Maybe you’ve always been the sole breadwinner. Or maybe you suddenly find yourself single with a greatly reduced household income or an unexpected inheritance. These are situations more often confronted by women than men. Telos understands and is here to provide guidance. We take time to get to know your situation, answer your questions, offer coaching if you’d like and devise a plan that meets your current and future financial needs.

Contact Telos. When life pivots, we pivot with you – and set you on a forward path toward the things that bring you joy and peace of mind.

People are living longer and more active lives, making it more important than ever that you have a solid retirement plan. Telos specializes in retirement strategies that provide for the life you’ve imagined, while protecting your hard-earned assets from risk. On one end of the spectrum, we provide retirement accumulation analysis and recommendations to help you achieve your dreams. On the other end, we structure and execute an effective decumulation spend-down plan to allow enough retirement income for you to enjoy a stress-free retirement.

Contact Telos. We’d like to learn your goals for retirement and help you achieve them so that you can fulfill your true telos.