Personal Plans

Ensuring your goals aren’t left up to chance

The Telos Way

Simplifying the complex for meaningful results

It’s a privilege to be able to improve the lives of those we serve through thoughtful personal planning. All day, every day, we push ourselves to the highest standards of the industry. Our talent for simplifying the complexities of wealth management results in clear and astute direction for individual and family investment portfolios.

Integrated Services

Choose Wealth Planning On Your Terms

Telos has compiled a list of Integrated Services that put you in control. Choose from Wealth Planner Packages that include the appropriate number of meetings, plan updates and executive planning summary updates for you. Then we’ll guide you through our Financial Planning Areas to set you on the path to living your best life.

Learn how our Integrated Services help put you in control of your financial future.

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Personal Planning Areas

Helping you get the most out of your life

As a fee-based advisory firm, our sole focus is assisting you in finding the right balance of services that are on the money.

Telos offers a range of Personal Planning Areas to suit your situation. Whether you’re starting your financial journey, adding to your portfolio or entering the retirement stage of life, we’ll help lead you to a secure future.

Risk Management

Gap analysis of your current insurance and defensive strategies. This can include but isn’t limited to life, disability, long-term care and health insurances.

Portfolio Management

Assistance with understanding, implementation and oversight of the appropriate risk tolerance, asset allocation and asset location strategies per strategy and account.

Cash Flow and Budget Optimization

Expense tracking for income, savings, investment and debt repayment purposes. Includes household budget creation and maintenance.

Behavioral Coaching

Proactive guidance to avoid potentially costly mistakes, coaching toward blind spot awareness and accountability to take advantage of time-sensitive opportunities.

Education Funding

Private and higher education funding strategies. This can also be geared more generally toward setting loved ones up for success financially via a “Getting Started in Life” strategy.

Employee Benefits Review

Understanding, coordinating and effectively utilizing the appropriate risk management, wealth accumulation and wellness benefits offered through your employer.

Liability and Debt Reduction

Strategy development, execution and accountability toward systematically reducing current liabilities and reducing unnecessary future debt.

Retirement Accumulation

Analysis and recommendations regarding high probability achievement of your retirement objectives.

3-Dimensional Diversification Audit

Multifaceted diversification audit of sector, strategy, style, geography, market correlation, time horizon, liquidity, taxation, product, asset allocation, “home run,” etc.

Special Needs Planning

Assessment of unique needs, benefit applications and legal strategies to ensure a lifetime of empowerment and care for a loved one with special needs.

Charitable and Legacy Planning

Planned giving strategies as part of a donor’s overall financial and/or estate plan.

Executive Benefits

Feedback and support regarding benefit plans including but not limited to options, RSUs, LTIP, STIP, SERP, NQDC, CBP, etc.

Decumulation and Retirement Income

Structure and execution of an effective spend-down plan to allow you to spend guilt-free and with confidence in retirement.

Multigenerational Planning

Engaging with the second and third generations to begin early teaching of financially healthy habits. This can extend to children of any age.

Advanced Topics

Detailed assessment of every tax mitigation opportunity. Could also include other advanced topics such as international finance.

Trust and Estates

Development of strategies in cooperation with your legal and tax advisors to pass wealth to your beneficiaries effectively.

Delegate to Elevate

Overseeing communication within and coordination among your personal team (both financial and legal) to ensure the best possible guidance and to elevate your time.

Illiquid and Alts Advisory

Analysis and recommendations on illiquid and alternative investments such as real estate, private equity, private credit and cryptocurrencies.

We invite you to contact Telos for more information about how we take a thoughtful, transparent and concierge approach to your personal wealth planning.