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“In achieving the virtue that is individual excellence, each of them will fulfill his telos.” – Aristotle

The philosopher Aristotle used the word telos to describe a person’s full potential, objective or inherent purpose. In today’s terms, it would mean an end goal. To Telos Wealth Advisors founder Sam Crump, telos perfectly defines our continued passion for helping clients achieve financial security.

Telos is a purpose-driven firm that uses focus and intention to generate results. We simplify the details and complexities of wealth planning and act as problem-solvers who coach clients toward their full potential. 

No matter your stage of life or financial situation, you deserve a personalized plan to help you reach your true telos.


Independent and skilled at maximizing your financial returns

A seasoned wealth advisor with an impressive list of credentials, Sam broke from the constraints and profit demands of large financial management firms to found Telos Wealth Advisors. His vision was to build a small and independent firm with a fresh view of financial planning.

Telos adheres to a transparent fee structure that’s designed to maximize your returns instead of our commissions. We’re independent and beholden to no one but you as a client.

Since we are not part of a large financial institution, our products and services are not proprietary and our approach is highly personalized. We feel our time is best spent getting to know you, your dreams and your aspirations. This process helps us provide you with a plan for financial security that’s based on your terms.

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Samuel Crump

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