Business Plans

Protect and Grow Your Greatest Asset

The Telos Way

Nimble and Transparent Plans for Businesses

As a business owner, you’re often consumed by the day-to-day operation of your company. At Telos, we understand – we’re business owners, too. So we do our best to provide high-level services that help you focus on what you do best. Our fee structure is transparent and business friendly. Our nimble team of planning experts can pivot when you pivot. And we always adhere to the utmost standards of the industry so that you achieve long-term success the right way. That’s the Telos Way.

Integrated Services

Financial Planning on Your Terms

Telos has compiled a list of Integrated Services that put you in control. Choose from Wealth Planner Packages that include the appropriate number of meetings, plan updates and executive planning summary updates for you and your business. From there, we’ll design customized plans that put you on the right path toward maximizing what matters most to you.

Learn how our Integrated Services can help you combine business and personal strategies into a cohesive plan for reaching your goals.

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Business Planning Areas

Clear and Astute Direction for Your Business

Business Planning Areas are a primary strength and a top priority at Telos. Our expertise gives us the ability to clarify even the most complex financial matters. We’re driven by the goal of helping you find the right balance of plans for your company that are always on the money.

Keep your business and your dreams on track with Telos Business Planning Areas.

Entity Structure Fundamentals

Review and advise on foundational elements such as operating and agreement and tax filing status. Updates provided as tax law evolves.

Risk Management and Contingency Planning

Structure and funding of buy-sell agreements, key man planning, disability overhead, limiting fiduciary exposures, liability controls and basic continuity framework.

Benefits Review and Optimization (Basics)

Review, optimization and management of basic group insurances (Life, Health and Disability) and retirement programs (SEP, SIMPLE, 401(k) and 403(b)).

Cash Flow Planning

Structuring owner compensation, planning for major expenses, effective expansion management, tax mitigation, etc.

Attraction and Retention (Advanced)

Additional planning for key employees including but not limited to detailed compensation design reviews and creative benefits to improve competitive deliverables.

Introduction to Key People

Introductions to key people including but not limited to service providers, potential investors, team members (legal, real estate, accounting, etc.).

Owner’s Benefit and Comp Optimization

Advanced strategies toward the business doing more for the owner (personally) instead of only focusing on what the owner can do for the business.

Business Valuation Services

Putting together a rough-estimate valuation toward future liquidity event planning.

Service Integration and Vendor Consulting

Analysis of outsourced services vs. what is currently being integrated (marketing, payroll, website, etc.) for advice on improving deliverables and bottom line.

Business Strategy and Valuation Consulting

Review of your marketing plan, go-to-market strategy, internal operations, products, pricing, process, culture, etc., toward improving bottom-line valuation.

Delegate to Elevate

Overseeing communication within and coordination among your personal team (both financial and legal) to ensure the best possible guidance and to elevate your time.

Succession Planning

Helping the owner visualize, plan, communicate and execute an effective exit from the business while integrating into tax-efficient retirement and estate strategies.

We invite you to contact Telos for more information about how we take a concierge approach to your business and personal wealth planning.