Right, on the Money
Money isn’t everything to us. Its importance lies in what it can do for people. When nurtured properly, it brings joy and priceless security to our lives. That chance to improve lives pushes us to the highest standards. The Telos approach to wealth planning puts people before profit. Our objective is to provide clear, exact and financially astute advice aimed at bringing your dreams to life.
Telos is reimagining wealth planning
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You First

Telos focuses on the dreams of people we work for, not on the number of zeros in their bank accounts. Our goal is doing right by you.

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Now Us
Independent and free from the profit demands of large firms, Telos offers products designed to maximize returns – not commissions.
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Our Services

Our talent for simplifying complex issues results in business and personal plans aimed at funding the things that bring you joy.

Everyone deserves a plan

That’s how Sam sees it. Personal experience has shaped his perspective – and his passion. Watching family and friends wrestle with finances taught Sam that smart people aren’t always smart about money. As a result, Sam made it his life’s goal to use his skills to guide others toward achieving financial security.

Samuel Crump, CFP, RICP, CLU, ChFC

Partner & Private Wealth Advisor
Serving the North Carolina Triad, Triangle and Charlotte Areas

Happiness is the highest good